Kete: 1.2

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Democratizing Baskets:

  • implement join policy where, depending on policy set by basket admin, a user may join an open basket, request membership, or not be allowed membership for a closed policy
  • ability to see a directory of members of a basket, based on basket's policy of disclosure
  • users may send a message to basket administrators, if the basket policy is to allow contact
  • depending on a site's system setting, users may create new baskets, request a new basket, or not be allowed to add a new basket
  • an improved directory of baskets (links to options above for each basket listed, etc.)
  • basket names may now have special characters, like apostrophes
  • it is now possible to reinherit the theme from the site basket
  • implementation of basket profiles. Site admins can setup which fields are editable, and what their default values are, which are put in place when a new basket is created.

Improvements for Users:

  • listing of user's membership of baskets on their profile page
  • navigation aid that makes it easy for a user to get to any basket they are a member of from any page
  • a member can add images they have uploaded to their portraits, the first/default images of which will be used as an avatar on the site, and all portraits displayed on the users profile page
  • Add Gravatar support, which is used when the user has not specified a portrait image to use instead. When enabled, and a user signs up or edits their account, the profile image will update using AJAX to show you what image is associated with that email.
  • Allow a member to contact another member via a contact form linked to from their profile.

Accessibility Improvements:

  • updating tiny_mce plugin (and its version of TinyMCE)
  • several accessibility enhancements to comply with the New Zealand Government Web Standard and Recommendations.
    • Add access keys throughout the site
    • Provide tabindex's for easy access to forms and navigation links
    • Add abbr tags to all table header cells
    • Add image dimensions to all image tags (static and user generated)
    • All alternate text for all non-text elements, and ensure those alternate text end with a period and space.
    • Add metadata to each page of the site (use the currently viewed items tags and keywords, truncated summary/description for description and then fall back to editable defaults.
    • Relative font sizes (em) instead of absolute font sizes (px/pt)

Tagging Improvements:

  • Provide quick access to add tags from the item show page, via an AJAX powered form.
  • Create a tags directory, with sorting ability, listing all tags in the given basket (site basket returns all tags).
  • Support for tag names with special characters has been reinstated

Homepage Improvements:

  • Ability to include RSS feeds into the homepage, displayed in the sidebar, and updated at customizable intervals.
  • Display the first related image of each recent topic shown.
  • Provide a link for switching from public/private versions of homepages
  • Content by types lists private items count when viewable
  • Allow viewing of recent private topics on homepage where allowed
  • Show public / private tags and tag counts when user has permissions
  • Show private images in random images when user has permission to see them
  • Recent topics headline/summaries will now recursively get topics until it reaches it's display limit. This fixes an issue where when the first 5 topics were all under moderation, you'd see nothing on the homepage.

Choices/enumerations for extended fields:

  • Choices/enumerations for extended fields
  • Controls for site administrators to modify choices for extended fields
  • Experimental controls for members to modify choices
  • Search and refine searches by extended field values/choices
  • Ability to browse items by category type (choices) via choice heirarchy.

Other Extended Field Improvements

  • Ability to use Google Maps to set location (Latitude and Longitude coordinates) or location with address (coordinates + place names) as ftype (type of form input and type of display of value)
  • Ability to use members of a particular topic type as available choices for an extended field's ftype. Chosen topics become related topics to the item automatically and link between the two
  • Ability to set a "base URL" where an extended field's value will be appended to the base URL as a hyperlink in the display of the extended field

Image and other media content improvements:

  • Support for image resizing for image file types other than JPEG, GIF, and PNG (e.g. TIFF)
  • Optionally making embedded metadata in binary files available to be loaded into Kete attributes (title, short summary, description, tags, and extended fields) via EXIFTool processing for formats like EXIF, XMP, IPTC, and ID3
  • Support Podcasting (audio and video), by adding enclosures to RSS feeds
  • Support Media RSS (e.g. by adding media content elements to RSS feeds for audio, video, documents, and images.
  • Display non-local thumbnails of images in results pages, if present. Optimize loading of images result pages.

Search Improvements

  • Related item counts display on the search results, images showing a thumbnail when applicable.
  • Better support for various search terms, particularly ones involving special/non-English characters
  • The search results have been restyled and javascript added to make access results easier (clicking anywhere in the lightly grayed background now goes to the result)

Better Capistrano Deployment Tools

  • Configuration file management mechanism that isn't brittle and handles multistage deploying
  • Underlying recipes additions and cleanup to make it possible to deploy Kete apps with single "cap deploy" command that handles supporting programs like Backgroundrb and Zebra as well as Passenger/nee mod_rails (note, Mongrel/Nginx remains supported, but has not seen all of the improvements)
  • Generic recipe added to allow white listed rake tasks to be run from development machine from Capistrano


  • Create a dynamic robots.txt file for search engine crawlers that will create correct disallow patterns for all baskets
  • Refactored Related Items content on item show pages. Cut back the amount of administrative links from four per item type to just four. Now shows public and private items (counts and titles).
  • Move License info to bottom right of side bar for detail pages
  • Consolidate add item form workflow to one form via ajax and other modifications
  • Support for item titles with special characters has been reinstated
  • Numerous cross browser design issues (particularly with IE6 and IE7)
  • Cleaned up the XHTML in the default topics installed with Kete
  • You now get a visual indication of which fields are required (including extended fields) when adding an item. A red * will appear next to the label of such fields.
  • When multiple accounts share the same email address, the forgot password feature will now prompt you for the username of that account you want the password for.
  • Users will now be able to edit items that contain insecure elements placed by a site admin, without having it reject their edits. They can remove and move existing such content, but won't be able to add or edit the content without a site admin account.
  • It's now easier to add site wide HTTP authentication (for intranets for example). See config/site_lockdown_auth_credentials.yml.example
  • Converted all RSS/XML feeds, including item OAI DC XML generation, to use Nokogiri which speeds up requests to such pages, sometimes cutting off up to 20s from load time.
  • Indexes have been added to various database columns which should speed up various functionality throughout Kete
  • Upgraded Kete to work with Zebra 2.0.36 and YAZ 3.0.45 (latest at the time of writing this). This will greatly simplify the installation of Kete on new systems.
  • Ability to add licenses via the administration toolbox, along with getting the id for settings the sites default license (rather than having to delve into the database).
  • Several big speed improvements to homepages, item show pages, and item history pages.
  • Significant speed improvements to site rebuilding, cutting a rebuild of 17k records from >24h down to 7.5 hours.

Probably a decent amount more than that, too.

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Kete was developed by Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd. to build a digital library of Horowhenua material.

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