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The major features -

Interface Translation:

  • ability to customize the text in Kete's UI for a site without hand editing templates
  • ability to create a translation of the text in Kete's UI in a new language from web interface (development mode only)
  • ability for users to choose from available languages that they prefer by session or a persistent preference, easily switching between languages and have UI display appropriately

There are more major translation features under "Add-ons" at end of Milestone.

External Searches (great for integrating related sites)

  • Contextual Search ala Paul Reynolds - item title as predefined search terms on an item's detail page of site administrator configured Search Sources, to display results from external search sources such as Digital New Zealand or other Kete sites
  • Search Sources sidebar in search results page that displays matching results for user submitted search term(s) that displays external search results similar to Contextual Search

Interface Improvements:

  • Reworking "Related Items" section to be able to be positioned differently and be more space efficient.
  • Slideshow of related images on topic detail page
  • Improved slideshow controls
  • "View on Map" aggregate view of results with locations on Google Maps with details in info bubble (if Google Maps configured for site)
  • "Browse by Category" interface for browse results page available if there is a "Categories" extended field that use hierarchical choices
  • Improvements to Topic Type and Content Type editing of fields. Ability to delete an extended field mapping to type if there is no data associated with that mapping. Ability to switch whether field is required or optional.


  • Upgrading to Ruby on Rails 2.3
  • Made compatible with latest Zebra and YAZ
  • Add handling of IE specific CSS rules in Theme system

Ability to support "Add-on" sets of functionality for extending Kete.

Optional "Add-on" features:

Dynamic Interface Translation (for multi-language sites):

  • separate downloadable add-on with ability to translate appropriate attributes of extended fields, topic types, search sources, licenses, baskets, choices, and flags.

Content Translation (for multi-language sites):

  • separate downloadable add-on (as an further refinement as Dynamic Interface Translation add-on) with ability to translate appropriate attributes of topics, images, audio recordings, videos, documents, discussion, and tags.

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Kete was developed by Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd. to build a digital library of Horowhenua material.

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