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This is very much open for discussion. Have your say about what should be in Kete 2.0 at

Major introduction of fundamental features for Kete 2.0:

  • Enabling Kete to take advantage of the strengths of mobile devises:
    • an API for supporting content creation from outside of a Kete website (think recording a video from your rich mobile app and seamlessly have it added to the Kete site you want)
    • support for proximity (GeoLocation) based searching/browsing (think augmented reality mobile apps based on device's position and orientation)
    • moving templates to output HTML5 and design first of mobile layouts (see for perspective)

    There are some real possibilities for making contributing images, audio, and video to a Kete site much easier than from the site directly.

    Proximity search will open up the possibility of using Kete as a virtual tour guide, etc.

    These enhancements, however, can be useful to any other web service or web site and should be built on standards or dominant practices in the problem space.

  • Linked Data/Semantic Web:
  • Distributed Social Networking:
    • Kete sites should accept user accounts for outside services based on open standards (think I can sign in with my account from another Kete site or my Twitter account)
    • Kete sites should provide authentication/identity services that may be reused on other sites, based on open standards (think I only have to register on one Kete site to be able to contribute to any Kete site)
    • Kete users may take advantage of emerging services in social networking that respects their privacy (i.e. we're keeping an eye on what is going on in social networking for sharing user generated information across web services, but it is early days)
    Centralized social networks have begun to show their shortcomings (privacy abuses, business models that center on exploiting user data rather than putting the users' concerns first, etc.). Kete is already well placed to be used for tailored social network applications that represent a specific community. A vision of distributed social networks is that the user gets to decide what social network site best represents them while still able to participate in a given social network.

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Kete was developed by Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd. to build a digital library of Horowhenua material.

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