Changeset [f9318033ee9f615e28121bda2721e1e2c524cb78] by Walter McGinnis

January 18th, 2011 @ 09:54 AM

Tag have own translation UI now. Clearing caches for things with the translated tag added. Redirect after translation returns to original item. The dedicated adding tags action now will bring the version of matching translations of version of item before update with just tags, to the version after the tagging. Tagging translation is handled separately.

Committed by Walter McGinnis

  • A lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/tagging_controller_overrides.rb
  • M lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/controllers/application_controller.rb
  • M lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/controllers/audio_controller.rb
  • M lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/controllers/documents_controller.rb
  • M lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/controllers/images_controller.rb
  • M lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/controllers/topics_controller.rb
  • M lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/controllers/translations_controller.rb
  • M lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/controllers/video_controller.rb
  • M lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/controllers/web_links_controller.rb
  • M lib/kete_translatable_content/extensions/helpers/application_helper.rb
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Kete Translatable Content is a gem that is an add-on for Kete web applications that takes advantage of the mongo_translatable gem’s functionality. As you would expect, you use it to add the ability to translate content in your Kete web site.

Obviously, your site should be set up to support to support multiples locales for this add-on to be useful.

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